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MARCOMP Compressors

Open type Reciprocating Compressor from 10TR to 100 TR under the brand name MARCOMP. The models are AMC-4-65, AMC-6-65, AMC-4-100, AMC-6-100. These Compressors are compatible with refrigerant like; R-22, 134a, R-404a and also compatible with Ammonia R-717. The MARCOMP Compressors are ideal for Shipping/Marine, Petrochemicals, Cement, Power Sector, Cold Storages, Hospitals etc. AMC-4-100 Compressors with Ammonia are widely used in Cold Storages.

Supply of OEM Quality Spares

Supply of skid mounted chilling plants using AMC-4-100 Compressors. We supply spares for various makes and models of AIR/Gas Compressors. We also fabricate and supply the spares and components of compressors used in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration plants based on samples and drawings with 100% inspection based on QAP.